Vyntus Spiro

Vyntus™ SPIRO PC Spirometer
The Vyntus™ SPIRO was born out of Vyaire’s obsession to perfect a spirometer that is easy-to-use and has the flexibility to provide accurate results for both the general user and sophisticated lab. Stationary or portable PC spirometer as a stand-alone device or as part of the SentrySuite network.
Thousands of PFT labs depend every day on Vyaire’s proven, accurate and reliable JAEGERTMpneumotach. For hundreds of publications, the JAEGER pneumotach was the device of choice.
Its excellent dynamic range effectively tests a broad population from small children to athletes.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimize laboratory output with Quality Control based on ATS/ERS guidelines
  • Focus the patients’ attention with a choice of 10 animated incentives.
  • Customize your reports with Report Designer and follow your patients’ disease progress with trending functionality for all parameters.
  • Choose your reference set from a broad range of standard authors.
  • Customize further with editable reference modules and equations.
  • Exchange data with standardized patient data management systems: GDT, CIS and HIS.
  • Use your Vyntus SPIRO for all the essential spirometry testing: Flow/Volume-loop (FVC), Slow Vital Capacity (SVC), Maximum Voluntary Ventilation (MVV), Pre and Post medication testing or therapy control.
  • Comes standard with Bronchial Challenge testing program.

More benefits

The integrated SentrySuite software platform provides quality feedback in real-time to help ensure that tests are being conducted correctly, reducing the chance of user or patient errors.

  • Coloured guidance bar for in test exhalation time and plateau recognition.
  • Check marks indicate successful end of test
  • View patients real-time breathing spirogram and flow-volume curve
  • Online textual guidance helps coach clinician through each manoeuvre
  • Type of quality check including ATS/ERS, NIOSH, and Office Spirometry standards

Adjust the difficulty

Incentives can be useful for children (or anyone, for that matter) that can benefit from a visual cue to encourage them to perform the manoeuvre better. Ten animation programs including candles, speedometer, bowling pins, levitating octo-tube ball, Icarus in flight, and of course, our famous flying toasters!

With SentrySuite, you can adjust the difficulty level of each incentive manoeuvre based on a percent of predicted VC. This can be very useful when patients are first learning how to perform spirometry. First, lower the difficulty level to coach the patient on how to perform the proper peak flow (blast out manoeuvre). Second, increase the difficulty level to coach the patient on performing a prolonged expiratory manoeuvre that is required to meet the ATS/ERS standards.


SentrySuite reporting capabilities are flexible and vast, as we aspire to keep pace with ever-advancing physician needs. Standard reports include those that meet the ATS/ERS recommendations, including the reporting of Z-score. Trending patient data over numerous visit dates is also key to good patient care, and with SentrySuite, we have made this task as easy as clicking the mouse button. Trend data is shown both graphically over time and in a concise tabular view.

Not all physicians can go to a reading station to interpret patient data, which is why the SentrySuite Mobile Review app was created. With Mobile Review, doctors may interpret results on a home PC, tablet, or even their phone.


Service is essential to keep medical equipment operational and safe. Our Nordic service team consists of experienced service technicians stationed across the Nordic countries. Our service technicians are ready to take on your every service need.”