Rigel Med-eBase

Providing asset management of test data
Rigel Med-eBase is Rigel Medical’s flagship software product which provides asset management of test data to and from the Rigel Medical test equipment range. It’s capable of producing advanced results and data reports with an option to store your data on a local or remote database structure.
A local database requires no database server to be installed while a remote database can allow multiple users to access the same data simultaneously. It allows the user to easily manage the test data to and from the Rigel Medical test equipment range. Sort functions and comparison of test results, combined with database functions, will allow the user to upload data for fast re-testing of stored assets.

Rigel Med-eBase is compatible with the following products:

  • Rigel 288+
  • Rigel 62353+
  • Rigel UniPulse 400
  • Rigel MultiFlo
  • Rigel Uni-Therm
  • Uni-SimBP-Sim
  • SP-Sim

The Med-eBase Features

The Med-eBase Features

  • On-Screen Graphs Displays and prints the waveform for the Multiflo & Unipulse 400.
  • Test Sequence Creation Standardise procedures with custom test sequences
  • Results Comparison Allowing the user to monitor trends in testing
  • Network Compatible Remote access allows engineers to download to the same database


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